Good in the End™ Celebrant Services is an end-of-life ceremony resource serving the Baltimore-Washington-Annapolis metro areas, the Chesapeake Bay area and the Delmarva peninsula.

  • Do you want to honor someone dear to you who has passed or recognize the accomplishments of someone who is dying while they are still alive?
  • Are you in the final phase of your own life and thinking about how you want to be remembered?
  • Do you wish to honor and support someone who is facing an elder milestone such as retirement or a move into assisted living?
  • Do you want to support someone’s passing with a meaningful and appropriate vigil?
  • Do you wish to observe the anniversary of a loved one’s passing?

Every life is full of gifts and we enrich each other by offering them and receiving them.  We can do so in life-affirming and grief-supporting ways incorporated in a wide range of end-of-life ceremonies, including but not limited to: traditional funerals and memorial services, living funerals (end-of-life tributes), vigil ceremonies, home funerals, green funerals, committal ceremonies, and anniversary of death memorials.

It is my privilege as a celebrant to work with you to create personalized ceremonies and tributes that mark important end-of-life passages and celebrate the gifts that are most precious and meaningful to you and your loved ones.

— Deborah McGlauflin, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® and Certified End-of-Life Specialist


Good in the End

Bearing witness to your labored last breaths
Loved ones keen and the hospice nurse comforts
A mourning dove lights on the windowsill
Balloons its breast and coos its haunting five-note song
Your eyelids flutter and we all exchange glances
It’s time, and it’s the time of knowing it’s time

Words fail, and in the gap a gift of insight
Each life’s end like a wave spilling on certain shore
Losing its swell and sliding back into the ocean
Adding a measure of pinnacled experience to the deeps
How water caressed the canopy of space-blued sky
How it reflected the roving sun, moon and stars

A prayer then for good in the end
As we approach the beach may we each be
Sweetly open, unbiased, and uncomplicated
So that the rest may simply take care of itself
So that we may all know the grace in dying
The joy in rejoining the depths of our sea


Copyright Deborah A. McGlauflin, May 17, 2015. All rights reserved.