Funerals, Memorial Services and Other End-of-Life Ceremonies

The considerable challenge of preparing for a funeral or memorial service comes at a time when loved ones are grieving and most in need of sensitive guidance and skillful support. Good in the End™ Celebrant Services’ celebrant listens carefully to how loved ones wish to remember and celebrate the life of the person or pet who has passed.  She draws upon a wealth of knowledge about ritual and a library of ceremonial resources. The result is a customized ceremony that is personal and deeply meaningful and that respects and assists the bereavement process.

End-of-life ceremonies may also be incorporated in “living funerals” in which the honoree participates, as well as other late-life celebrations that mark an elder’s milestone birthday, retirement, downsizing, or move to assisted living.


Memento Mori

Thrumming chorus
Voice of summer swelter
Quiet woods go stereo
Leafing out in decibels
Heat bugs chide
Live! For soon we die.

Copyright Deborah A. McGlauflin. July 5, 2014. All rights reserved.