Life Reviews and Memorial Planning

Good in the End™ Celebrant Services assists those who, as part of preparing for their own death, wish to review their life or shape their own funeral or memorial service.

A life review is a process of bringing to consciousness memories and unresolved past conflicts for reevaluation and resolution. It is a normal, developmental task of the elderly and those facing the end of life.

A life review provides a means by which older adults can leave a legacy and make their mark on succeeding generations.  It can be satisfying and even deeply healing. It is a highly personal process that differs with each individual in focus, scope, degree of involvement of others, and resulting keepsake (if any).

Good in the End™ Celebrant Services’ celebrant offers a menu of enabling tools and processes for life reviews and memorial planning ranging from ones that are simple, private and informal to ones that are more complex, participatory and formal.  She also can provide a variety of life review keepsakes, such as remembrance albums and oral history recordings.


End of Story

How will my fabled story end
my tale of wins and woes
I’m curious I must confess
to see how it finally goes

The years have doled out practice
with tears of loss and separation
it seems the dying’s in the living
every day’s a preparation

I know just how my story ends
I know how yours ends too
with the death at last of dying
the rest is much ado

Copyright Deborah A. McGlauflin, May 12, 2015. All rights reserved