Online Memorials and Celebrations

Today, loved ones may live far apart but are still able to stay connected via the Internet.  Online memorials and celebrations can help connect friends and families in unique and meaningful ways at the time of a loved one’s death or a milestone in an elderly loved one’s life.


An online memorial for a beloved animal companion 

A surprise 80th birthday online celebration

A memorial website that features the deceased’s poetry 

Good in the End™ Celebrant Services helps with each step of the planning, launch and maintenance/updating of an online memorial or celebration.  We make sure that the website looks the way you want, that it invites just as much (or as little) participation as you would like, and that spam and unwanted comments are screened out.


Early Fall

The autumn leaf doesn’t mourn
Other leaves that fall before it
Doesn’t question why it remains
Longer on the tree
Doesn’t drop before its time
In loneliness and despair.

It dances on the branch amidst
The rustling, shimmering chorus
Collecting sun and rain until
The days grow short and crisp, then
Stem spinning loose in a frosty breeze
It falls fulfilled and lands softly.

We who still nourish the tree
You fed with loving kindness
Will soon fall from the seasoned bough
May we live our lives as well as you
And take our leave like leaves.

Copyright Deborah McGlauflin, 1999. All rights reserved.