“The ceremony officiated by Debbi was one of the most moving in my experience.  Although we were all experiencing great sadness at our loss, we were able to share the amazing experiences we all had with our dear friend. We all heard something we had not heard before, and we felt joy at her accomplishments in life and the way she faced her death. I am profoundly grateful.”      — Elisabeth Pugh


When my husband’s son died unexpectedly at age 31, the family was thrown into shock and despair…a cauldron of feelings no one knew how to handle.  As our initial fog cleared and plans began to take shape, it dawned on me that we were going to need someone to lead the funeral ceremony.  I immediately thought of Debbi, who I knew specialized in end-of-life ceremonies during her Celebrant training.  She came over and met with the family, and they liked her immediately.  As the week unfolded, she and the family communicated often and shaped the elements of the ceremony together.  On the day of the funeral, over 300 people came…the place was packed and adjacent rooms were standing room only.  Despite the overwhelming numbers, Debbi set the energy and held the space masterfully.  She skillfully created a safe, comforting space wherein we could emote as we would and share the experience as loved ones, while she herself remained respectfully detached and independent.  Debbi’s voice and persona seamlessly wove together strength, authority, humility, and empathy, guiding us through acknowledgement, pain, grief, and healing.  We were all grateful beyond words.  

I couldn’t recommend Debbi more highly.  She is a wealth of knowledge and experience in end-of-life topics.  She brings all this–and more–to her Celebrant practice.  Should you decide to work with her, prepare for the highest level of professionalism and excellence! – Daniella Scalice


“We asked Debbi to create a ritual for our staff on our retreat day with a specific purpose in mind.  She crafted the ritual with great care, gently and thoughtfully guiding us through the process.  Debbi has a wonderful serene presence. She was flexible and responsive in shaping the program, and kept it all within time constraints without rushing. It was a wonderful experience!”      — Susan M. Coale, LCSW-C,  Director, Chesapeake Life Center at                                                                                              Hospice of the Chesapeake